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We provide compassionate, personal 24/7 Skilled Nursing care and Rehabilitation services in a comfortable and home-like environment.  Some of our exceptional services include all  Medicare and Medi-cal certified beds, long-term care insurance and private pay residents.

West Valley Healthcare Center has 128 beds, including private, semi-private and three-in-a-room options, 24/7 admissions, 24/7 RN supervision, easy access for family visitation and plenty of free parking.

Our facility is beautifully landscaped with garden areas surrounding the facility and includes a well-equiped rehabilitation department. Also, we encourage pet visitations which we believe helps in providing additional comfort to our residents.


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Location:  Relatives who are close by a facility can better respond quickly when there is an emergency and residents are more likely to receive the best care if they have frequent visitors.

Finances:  Look for a Nursing facility based on how you will be paying for the services.  Payment options include Medi-Cal, Medicare, private pay and private insurance.  If the resident does not qualify for government assistance in the beginning, they may be able to qualify once their assets are depleted.  

Quality of Care: All nursing facilities are monitored by State agencies.  Ask to see the most current state survey result.  Find out what they are doing to resolve the deficiencies.
Look for a facility that is clean and quiet, and one that has no lingering odor. Make sure qualified nursing personnel are on staff as some residents require various levels of care.
Quality assurance measures should be in place, such as fall prevention, pressure ulcer prevention, good hydration program, etc.

Services: Residents require different levels of activity.  Check for evidence of organized activity programs such as posted daily activity and any activity events in progress. Does the facility provide recreational activities to those residents who are more mentally active?

References: Ask friends or anyone who can share with you their experiences with local nursing facilities and take their opinions into consideration.  Doctors, hospital personnel and case managers are good resources.  Try to talk with the residents and the facility staff when you tour the facility and ask for their opinions as well.

The Nursing Facility:
-    As you enter the facility, is the décor attractive and home-like?
-    Is there any lingering odor /smell?
-    Are heating and cooling adequate?
-    In case of emergency, can the facility be easily evacuated?
-    Are fire extinguishers easy to locate?
-    Does the facility have a good fall prevention program?
-    Do call buttons, telephones, televisions sets work?
-    Is the floor kept dry and clean?
-    Is there enough parking spaces for visitors?
-    Are visits with the residents welcome at any time?
-    Did you and your potential resident receive a warm welcome from the nursing staff?
-    Are the staff members that you pass during your tour friendly to you?
Staff and care:
-    Is the atmosphere pleasant and does the staff genuinely enjoy working with the residents?
-    Are residents treated as individuals, does the staff appear interested in residents?
-    Is there evidence of an organized activities program, such as a posted activity schedule, are activity events in progress?
-    Are the listed activities interesting and appropriate and do most of the residents participate?
-    Are your questions answered clearly?
-    Are residents clean and presentable?
-    Is the food hot, attractive and tasty?  Is meal substitution available?
-    Are the rights of the residents clearly posted?
-    Are religious services and preferences available?

-    Does the facility accept MediCal? Medicare?
-    For private pay – are fees competitive?
-    Check the most current state Inspector results – is the facility in good standing?
-    Is a resident/family council available?
-    Are the family and resident involved with their care planning?  Are care conferences held regularly?
-    Are ancillary services readily available?